Baio Institute, Inc.

A Non-Profit Autism Support Organization


Baio Institute, Inc., provides funding to individuals on the Autism Spectrum (children through adults) in order that they may receive any necessary therapies (individual, group, consultation), specialized equipment, and trainings pertaining to a variety of issues for people on the Autism Spectrum: Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, PDD, PDD/NOS, etc.  All of these services are often very expensive; however extremely necessary in the life of a person on the Autism Spectrum, no matter what age they are.

In addition to providing funding for therapies and equipment, Baio Institute also provides help to individuals with mental health issues, medical payments, dental assistance, therapy dogs, and more.


Requirements For Funding


The requirements to received funding from Baio Institute are:

  • Have a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Have a therapist's letter of recommendation for services or equipment
  • Current therapy evaluation report, or progress report of an individual
  • Have a financial need

Please contact Marti Baio if you have any questions about qualification: 480-963-3634.